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Join Casablanca Private Guide, participate in ancient traditions and learn why Moroccans are known worldwide for their generosity and hospitality!

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, Casablanca Private Guides will accompany you in really fascinating tours. An inexhaustible fascination that derives sustenance from both the undeniable affability of Moroccan people and the eminent variety of natural splendors the kingdom of Morocco enjoys.

Over the past years our Philosophy has remained the same: to enable travelers to immerse themselves in Morocco; to learn to appreciate its people, cultures and wildlife and the delicate balance necessary for their coexistence.

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Thank you so much for your help in tangier. Yes, I will write about your tours when I go back to the US and write about Morocco.
Thank you for your help.

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Bonjour Aziz,

Un petit mot pour vous dire bonne année 2006 et que nous nous rappellons de bons souvenir de notre visite de Tanger avec vous.

Au plaisir.

- Pierre Saddik Montreal